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Teriya Magar Won The Zee TV's "DID LIL Master Season 3" Trophy (Watch Grand Finale Video)


Teriya Fauja Magar, age 11 have finally won the title of a DID Little Masters Season 3. The Grand Finale competition have just finished where the Nepali daughter Teriya Fauja Magar have beat all other three contestants and received the title of DID Little Masters Season 3. This is a first time that Nepali girl has been able to hold the DID Little Masters title. Anuska Chettri have able to hold the second position after Terya Magar as a first.

Anuska Chettri is an India born Nepali girl from Darjeeling. The campaign for voting to Terya Fauja Magar was organized at a different parts of Nepal and specially at her hometown Butwal, the locals have organized a “Vote for Teriya Magar” campaign recently to raise a vote for Teriya. The immense supports and love of all the Nepalese have finally made her a winner of a DID Little Masters Season 3.

‘Hawaldar Suntali’ shooting starts in Hetauda

The shooting of much hyped movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ has started in Hetauda. The movie to be made on the story of a police officer, Suntali Dhami, who was raped in office, is being produced by Chhabi Raj Ojha. The movie featuring Shilpa Pokharel in lead role.

Directed by Rishi Lamichane, ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ also features with Kishor Khatiwada and Sabin Shrestha in leading roles. On the first day of shooting choreographer Kabiraj Gahatraj directed the song featuring Shilpa and Kishor.

Here are some photos of the shooting of the movie (Photo credit : Sakar Ojha)

More news and photos: http://xnepali.net/movies/hawaldar-suntali-shooting-starts-in-hetauda/

Mukhauta team in Nepal tour for its promotion

The ‘Mukhauta’ team is currently in Dharan to promote the upcoming movie. In her Facebook post, actress Nisha Adhikari told that the team went to Dharan City College in the morning .

A press meet is scheduled to be held at Jaycees Bhawan, Dharan today.

Before Dharan, the team had visited Hetauda and meet the local journalists to inform about the upcoming movie.

Arpan Thapa‘s movie ‘Mukhauta’ is schedule to release in theaters all over Nepal on June 13, 2014. The movie features a lot of star casts like Rajesh Hamal, Saugat Malla, Rabin Tamang, Sunil Thapa, Harshika Shrestha, Dayahang Rai etc.

During the audio launch, Nisha has rightfully defended the foul language used in the movie. Watch Nisha’s statement in the video below:

A song from the movie "Behal hunchha man …" featuring hot Nisha Adhikari.

More photos:

Visit: http://xnepali.net/movies/mukhauta-team-in-nepal-tour-for-its-promotion/

Photo credit – Nisha Adhikari

Nepali Movie – Afnai Manlai Sodhi Hera 2014

Nepali Movie – Afnai Manlai Sodhi Hera
Starring – Nikhil Upreti, Raj Timilsina, Suraj RD, Shovita Simkhada, Jiya KC etc.
Director – Ramesh Pokharel

The movie “Nepali Movie – Afnai Manlai Sodhi Hera” is the presentation of Arati International Films by Mohan Singh Thakuri. The movie was released on the January of 2013. The movie had to compete with ‘Soongava’ and ‘Dhartiputra’.

Watch Nepali Movie – Afnai Manlai Sodhi Hera 2014 single part:

Rajesh Hamal proposes Madhu Bhattarai in the first public appearance together

In an event organized in Kathmandu actor Rajesh Hamal proposed his long time girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai. Rajesh offered a ring to Madhu in the program held at Shankar Hotel Kathamndu.

This was the first time the top actor was seen together with Madhu in a public function. The invited journalists in the program were asked to wait for half-an-hour before allowing in the room.

Video of the program:

Rajesh Hamal also presented a necklace from his mother to Madhu. His mother had asked Rajesh to give a secret gift and the necklace to her future daughter-in-law.

Rajesh Hamal Family
Rajesh Hamal’s mother’s name is Renu Hamal. Rajesh organized the proposal ceremony to remember his mother and offer the ornaments of his mother to his wife-to-be Madhu Bhattarai. The ornaments of Renu Hamal presented by Rajesh Hamal to Madhu include full set of diamond to be worn on ear, neck, wrist and finger.

While Rajesh’s father is CB Hamal (Chuda Bahadur Hamal) was studying in Banarash Hindu University and his mother Renu was studying in Lukhnow they met and fell in love. The meeting probably happened on their way back to Nepal — probably in a train.

Rajesh has two elder sister (twins), a younger brother and a youngest sister. One sister lives in New York and works as a gynecologist. Her twin sister works in Kathmandu as a pediatrician. His younger sister also lives in the USA and works as a dentist. His younger brother is active in working in social works, INGO and politics.

Rajesh Hamal started his film career in BS 2046 in ‘Yug Dekhi Yug Samma’.

Actress Priyanka karki gives a very open opinion about sex

Nepali actress Priyanka Karki is getting popular day by day. In an interview with Jayan Subba Manandhar, Priyanka Karki has given a open opinion about sex. The interview was taken before she got divorce from Rochak Mainali, her husband. She is officially divorced from her husband.

Priyanka karki is a Nepali model ,former Miss Teen Nepal, choreographer & an actress. She also worked as a VJ for famous program Call Kantipur. She was also featured as the face for Close up toothpaste, Wai Wai Instant noodles, Sunsilk Black shine Shampoo, Jolly Shandy, Rastriya Banijya Bank & many more.

After that she moved to US for her further study. There she studied a course about film making. She fell in love with fellow college mate, a Nepalese guy named Rochak Mainali at USA. After then they got married in 2008 June 26 but their relationship isn’t long lasting. Because Rochak didn’t like the field of work of Priyanka. But finally after divorce she is actively involve in film sector.

In today time Priyanka is busy. ‘Mero Best Friend’ is debut movie of her as lead role. She also feature in ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2′ movie which made her more popular than before & the movie has been a blockbuster. There are 2 movies of her which recently waiting for release i.e. ‘Meri Best Friend’ & ‘Aawaran’.
Read the interview in screenshoot below.

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